Oct 26, 2023
Texas, USA
Do you think that we'll have any control over the Liche's phylactery? This is the item a Liche binds its soul to so it may be immortal. So it would be pretty cool to have a phylactery be some kind of weapon, or a shiny relic. I'd want mine to be a gemstone in a crypt, held by a statue of a vampire. If you're going to be a lich tell me your ideas I'd love to hear it.
Also, if you deplete all of your life resources in the game, do you return to your phylactery? Or do you experience the final death? I would hope that the way it goes is that I die -> am sent to the underworld -> I bounce back to the location of my phylactery.

I'm also really curious how the vessels are going to work in game. Do I capture a human and drag him around with me? Or is it during combat, where a choose a human to be a vessel during that fight? I'm guessing it'll be just during combat, because I doubt one guy will last between fights. I am hoping that if I reach a higher level, I'm able to use stronger enemies. Like at level 1 I can only use grunts who can only survive me casting a few weak spells. Then say I reach level X, and I can now use the captain to cast many weak spells, or a few stronger spells.
I think if we were to try and have someone last in between fights, instead it should be an item that drains enemies of life force, so that you may draw on that item.
Could I force a vampire to fight for me as an ability, and I drain their life while they drain the enemies?

I'm curious if how you utilize your tarot cards will be ultimately your "sub class". Say my main card is fireball. And another ability gives me extra fire damage. Am I now a flame liche? Or a liche that likes fireballs? Or would a subclass just be a social thing? "Oh I like to use fire for my lich character."
I saw somewhere that certain cards can be found or earned that have a unique effect. Would that happen to be something that allows me to play a flame liche? Some games let you reach a certain level, then choose a specialization. Once I reach x level, do I get to choose specialization for my liche?

Personally, I want to be able to find and utilize specific cards that once leveled up, allow me to play my liche in a specific way where I get to define what the class is. I choose an ice spell, I find a hidden ice zombie spell, and I get an ice storm spell, and now im using a frozen lich subclass.

Has anyone played Magic: The Gathering? I specifically want to be Erebos with my constellation zombies.


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