Oct 26, 2023
Texas, USA
I plan on making a follow up post to this when the game comes out, but this is just some questions and speculation.

So in Deadhaus Sonata, there's tarot cards which represent your abilities. Within the card, there will be a kind of skill tree which will augment how the ability behaves. How do we gain xp for the skills? So say I use the danse macabre card with my lvl 1 vampire. When I get a kill with the card, what happens? Does the xp go into the card itself or into my vampire? If it's for the card, I'll have to use the for the final blow in order to level it up and gain skill points for it. If it goes into my vampire, and my vampire levels up, then can I use that skill point for any of my cards? Can/ do pool skill points? Mean can I get 4 without leveling anything up? Will I need 4 skill points to get this expensive skill within my tarot's tree? It would also be interesting to gradually gain xp for simply using a skill. So I get 4 xp for danse macabre when I land a blow on a soldier, then 50 xp for exsanguinate when I kill them.

Lets say I have a tarot card for stealth. In Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, you get the ability to disguise yourself as human. If we have something like that for DHS, and I disguise my vampire, what happens? Does the card gain xp? Or do I have to sink skill points from when I level up into my disguise? Lets use a different class. Wraith is supposed to behave like an assassin. We know it will have a stealth ability, and it may be used for combat. So the wraith goes into stealth, and then attacks an enemy from behind. Do I get xp for stealth? Or do I get xp for a sneak attack?

Looking at the liche now. Say my liche has a spell that causes everyone in my party to gain attack speed, do I get any xp for their kills? Or do I gain xp passively, where if my buddy gets a kill, I get a small portion of that xp if I am nearby?

Okay last question. Will xp be different per class? So I play as a vampire, and kill an enemy, I get 100 xp. Then, I drink blood, and get 10 xp for drinking from a dog. But then I drink blood from a human soldier, and gain 20 xp. I get 130 xp from that encounter. Now say I play as a ghoul. I kill an enemy for 100 xp, then eat two things. Do I gain 10 xp per creature eaten for 120 xp? Or do I gain 10 for the dog, and 20 for the soldier, for a total of 130 xp?

My thought is that xp should be calculated on all actions. Xp should be fed into the player character, where they themselves choose how to use their skill points. That way, using all their abilities gives the player the total xp earned from their actions, and thus aren't forced to use one ability to level it up.
However, it won't be bad if xp is per card or per weapon. That would allow you to specialize in a certain style of gameplay more easily. If I level up all my tarot cards for my wraith that allow for stealth, I will be this super stealthy phantom. Having this specialization would be interesting for both roleplay and for coop. They want to do this mission, and get extra points for the stealthy portions, they could call me and ask me to play my super stealth wraith.
I think we should earn xp for class specific actions. For the liche, I should gain xp upon using an enemy as my spell battery. It would be funny if I just gained 1 xp per minute I was inside of a library. If i seek out books or other things that further my knowledge, I should gain a chunk of xp. Or for a ghoul, I should gain xp when I eat something. It should be based on how big or how powerful the thing is. See what I'm saying? Sometimes there's only points for kills and assists and it shouldn't be that way.
Lastly, everyone in the party should earn a small portion of xp when someone gets a kill. Like 5% minimum. It would really suck if this bloodlusted vampire just goes around stabbing everything at lightning speed and I can only stand there helplessly.

Okay that's my thoughts on that. As always Apocalypse can and should use anything in my posts. I'm excited about the game, and I really loved Alaric in this last episode. I sure hope nothing bad happens...;)