Below are some of the articles that resulted from our first video and stream this week.  If anyone is inclined to translate the non-English ones please have at it.

It seems we are getting a pretty large Russian and Ukrainian following.  Welcome aboard! We are in the process of getting the entire site translated into many languages, the store is up first.

Denis Dyack’s Deadhaus Sonata channels Legacy of Kain

Deadhaus Sonata – truyền nhân của Legacy of Kain

Deadhaus Sonata – truyền nhân của Legacy of Kain


Deadhaus Sonata – идейный наследник великой Legacy of Kain от авторов оригинала и на движке Star Citizen

В разработке находится духовный наследник Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Deadhaus Sonata es el perfecto sucesor espiritual de Legacy of Kain, afirma Denis Dyack

Deadhaus Sonata erhält ein neues Video

Deadhaus Sonata — создатель Blood Omen рассказал о разработке духовного наследника Legacy of Kain


Deadhaus Sonata – Новый ролик о духовной наследнице Legacy of Kain

Руководитель Blood Omen разрабатывает духовную наследницу Legacy of Kain – мультиплеерную

Denis Dyack Is Here to Make Sure You Know Deadhaus Sonata Is a Spiritual Successor to Legacy of Kain


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