The Revolutionary Future of Games: Interactive Streaming

In Partnership with Genvid Technologies Inc

In the classical era of entertainment, Greek plays took place in amphitheatres, which allowed the audience to interact with actors. In that open-air venue, those being entertained were given a say in what they watched. Indeed, the audience could decide whether a character would live or die with the classic “Thumbs up or Thumbs Down.” This type of agency for the audience was limited to being in person, until now.

Today, more people watch an e-sport championship game via Twitch than they do the Superbowl, changing the medium of video games as we know it. Streaming technology has rapidly transformed the way we consume content, and the industry is still catching up as developers, publishers and platforms try to understand this new paradigm.

Imagine, giving millions of Twitch viewers agency over the games they are watching, transforming their role from passive observers to meta players. This level of interaction will revolutionize the way people experience games, and bring us full circle back to the early days of the Greek theatre. There is no going back.

In this talk, Denis will examine this new technology and opportunity that it brings, and propose ways for developers to take advantage of these revolutionary experiences.
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Denis Dyack

Denis Dyack