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Of Banshees - I Radio Play
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Don't miss the premiere on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021.
Of Wraiths
Of Revenants - Part 1
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Of Revenants - Part 1 - Premiere of the 2nd Chronicles of the Grand Inquisitor!

Don't Miss It!

Of Vampires - Radio Play!
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We have much more than art reveals on the way!

Don't miss the first of many Radio Plays that is based upon the writings of Alaric von Beller, Grand Inquisitor of the Thacean Empire.

Don't miss the premiere on Oct 14, 2020, at 2 PM EDT on YouTube!

Apocalypse Studios and Modulate want YOU!
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Hey Harbingers!

As many of you already know, Deadhaus Sonata will feature voice modulation to further immerse yourself into the world of Malorum. To do so, we're working very closely with a company called Modulate, a fantastic team of technologists who have been working hard on a brand new voice skinning tool. It has some incredible potential not only for Deadhaus, but for gaming as a whole, and they need your help!

Modulate has been looking for users to help test their Alpha version, and we thought our community would be more than helpful. If you're interested in testing out this new voice skinning tool, provide feedback and help ensure the best for the Modulate team and Apocalypse, you can sign up for the Alpha here. Sign up is quick and easy, and you should receive an email in a few days for the Windows 10/Mac download. Make sure you mention in the "how did you hear about us" section that you're...
*** Special Stream - Narrative & New Stream Direction Format
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Hi Everyone,

Join @Jack Lindsey, @Jalen.P and me (@Denis Dyack) as we do our next Narrative Stream on Wednesday, August 12th, @ 4 pm EDT. In this stream, we will do deep dives into the narrative and theory behind Deadhaus Sonata.

In this stream, we will also roll out our new structure for streams moving forward. They will be a very different format from the previous streams and much more focused on Deadhaus Sonata. We look forward to seeing everyone there and getting your feedback on this new direction.