Happy Holidays Everyone!

A quick update to highlight was the team is working on as we wind down 2022.

For those who want more details, here is a live stream where we discuss in more detail:

TLDR Summary:
  1. New Controls & Visuals
  2. 1st Age is NOT launching in 2023
  3. New Concepts Released
  4. Announcement of the Noblesse Design Council

Finally, for those who want the latest images from the reveal - enjoy!

Jelrass - Outskirts

Jelrass -Outskirts.jpg

Hex Blade


Jelrass - Clock Tower

Jelrass -ClockTower 1920.jpeg

We look forward to working with everyone in 2023 to make Deadhaus Sonata the best it can be!

Happy New Year, Everyone!
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Denis Dyack

Denis Dyack