вαηsнεε: σмεη σғ ∂εαтн

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Check out this amazing photoshoot with references to Deadhaus Sonata!

Tech Demo Arena Flythrough
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Check out the look of the upcoming tech demo!

Deadhaus Sonata - Diaries of a Banshee -Series 2 - Steam News Is Now Live
The Account of Dr. Leopold Narret
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At Apocalypse Studios, we believe collaboration with players is a key component in creating memorable games. As Deadhaus Sonata is a story-driven game, we encourage our community to participate by crafting stories of their own. This is the first step to fostering a collaborative fiction project that will ultimately contribute to the development of the game. Here follow some of the community submissions we have received so far.

Today’s community submission is written by @derula and voiced by Big Haddy, Shinybri, Faceless Mike, and Golden Xan. It is titled, The Account of Dr. Leopold Narret, and tells the tale of a psychologist’s recordings of early witnesses to the undead.

Visit us at for updates on development, or to support us by becoming a founder.
Werebat & O3DE Tech Demo Area Reveal
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Check this out! :)

In case you missed it! Here is the stream for where Apocalypse revealed the 3D High Poly model for the Werebat and showed a sneak peek at the O3DE combat arena.





Edit: adding Flythrough:

Forum Maintenance Oct 17th, 7am ET
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The Forums will be down for a couple of hours for routine maintenance Sunday, Oct 17th, at 7 am ET.

This is standard maintenance with no features or other additions.